Hilti April Fools: Engaging Audiences with a fun wake-up call

Hilti PowerNap

Introduction: Hilti, known for its innovative construction tools and technologies, wanted to engage its target audience with a lighthearted April Fools’ campaign that would not only entertain but also inform about its Nuron family of tools. The creative agency behind the campaign designed a playful concept called the “Hilti Power Nap,” an alarm clock that […]

No Compromise Gaming: A New Game Face

A prom couple, with the young man holding up underwear

Introduction: We partnered with No Compromise Gaming, a rent-to-own company that delivers quality gaming systems, to undergo a rebranding effort. Our goal was to create a new identity that would resonate with gaming enthusiasts and promote their flexible payment options for gamers who may not qualify for financing elsewhere. Challenge: As No Compromise Gaming grew […]

Hilti Firestop Branded Documentary

Hilti Firestop

Introduction: Hilti, a global leader in construction tools and technologies, aimed to raise awareness of its Firestop products. Our ad agency produced a captivating Hilti Firestop documentary that highlights the critical role of passive fire protection in construction. Discover how our approach positioned Hilti as a trusted authority in fire safety. Hilti Challenge: Hilti needed […]