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Luis Ramirez

Co-Founder/Art Director

Luis Ramirez is a designer/art director and has a wealth of experience in the advertising industry, having worked actively in the field since 1996. He began his career at RPA Advertising, where he met his future collaborator J Barbush, and went on to work with a diverse range of clients over the years. Some of the notable clients that Luis has worked with include Honda, Acura, La-Z-Boy, Castro, ARCO, am/pm, PENTAX, and VH-1.

Advertising & Design

Throughout his career, Luis has been involved in various aspects of online advertising, including art direction, design, and strategy. His exceptional skills and creativity have led him to win numerous awards, including the One Club, Clio, Yahoo! Big Idea Chair, Yahoo! Searchlight, MIXX, OMMA, WOMMA, Drum, and One Show. One notable achievement was leading the design of the Honda website, which held the top spot in J.D. Power for six consecutive years.

One of Luis’s most notable accomplishments in the advertising industry was leading the design of the Honda website. This project was a major success, as the Honda website held the top spot in J.D. Power for six years in a row. With his extensive experience and expertise, Luis has become a highly sought-after professional in the advertising industry.

Teaching & Mentorship

Aside from his work in advertising, Luis has been a passionate professor at Otis College of Art and Design, where he taght social media and online advertising. Luis always encouraged his students to be creative and collaborative, and many of his former students have gone on to successful careers in the advertising and design industries.

Love & BBQ

Lu uses his personal experiences to inspire his professional work. For example, he created the BBQ Junkie blog to learn more about content creation, distribution, and SEO, which he now applies to help his clients succeed.

Luis has a deep love for BBQ, and he has been known to say that it’s his favorite pastime outside of design and advertising. He enjoys the process of smoking meat, experimenting with rubs and sauces, and sharing the results with family and friends. He also sees many parallels between BBQ and design, such as the importance of attention to detail and the need for patience. In addition to his personal love of BBQ, Luis was also part of  4-Q competition BBQ team. The team consisted of four friends who shared a passion for BBQ, and they competed in BBQ competitions throughout Southern California.

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