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We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency that believes in collaboration, teamwork, efficiency and learning. We have worked on dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and believe that “Participation leads to inspiration.” Because to truly understand and make work for a platform, you need to connect with that experience yourself. 

Cast Iron LA

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Cast Iron LA stands at the forefront of innovation, blending content creation, consulting, and creativity with cutting-edge AI expertise. Guided by the award-winning leadership of Luis Ramirez and J. Barbush, our team harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance our visionary approach. We are committed to transparency, maintaining a lean operation that prioritizes exceptional talent. This approach allows us to deliver a premium experience at an accessible price, and  bring unparalleled efficiency and creativity to every project.


Experience Efficiency

We take a unique Direct-To-Client (DTC) approach that enables efficiency and client collaboration. Our clients love this as they feel heard, and we eliminate layers.
At the heart of our innovation lies our deep understanding of AI. We are dedicated to understanding the complex language of AI to get the desired results. It’s through this nuanced understanding and application of AI that we bring a new level of innovation and agility to our marketing solutions.
Our strong industry relationships developed over 30 years in advertising allow us to create an on-demand network of highly experienced agency professionals. Our model ensures no one sits around waiting for work. That allows us to deliver an efficient, full-service marketing approach, without the full-service price.


Our team of award-winning designers and creatives will work with you to develop unique and impactful visuals, copy, and content that effectively communicates your brand's message and captures the attention of your audience.


We leverage the latest digital strategies and tools to drive traffic, increase engagement, and generate leads. From SEO and SEM to social media and email marketing, we have the expertise to help you achieve your marketing goals.


Our advertising services are designed to deliver well-crafted, targeted and effective campaigns that drive results. From display ads to programmatic advertising, we'll help you reach your target audience and increase your ROI.


Our production team brings your creative vision to life, delivering high-quality content that engages your audience. From video production to photography and animation, we have the skills and experience to deliver outstanding results.

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midst the backdrop of a time-worn Italian deli, a young boy's pensive look captures the intersection of past and future. As faded signs echo the rich legacy of traditional marketing, his forward gaze symbolizes the ever-evolving narrative of digital storytelling and brand evolution.

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Her eyes, a mirror to her soul, hold a softness that speaks of kindness and a depth carved by introspection. Her gaze, slightly averted, captures her as if she’s in the midst of thought, perhaps reflecting on a passage from her current favorite book or the melody of a song that lingers with her.

This moment, captured in the soft chiaroscuro of a Los Angeles café, tells a story of a woman who carries the warmth of the sun and the cool calm of the shade within her. She is a figure of contrast and harmony, living poetry in a city of prose.

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On a serene Monday in Echo Park, as the remnants of rain fade away, Marcos stands against the windowpane, his silhouette etched against the city's tapestry. In this moment of tranquility, his eyes reflect the resolve of the skies clearing above, a mirrored calm in both his spirit and the storied streets of L.A.

He is a whisper of ambition in the quiet after the storm, a testament to the city that is his canvas and crucible. In the monochromatic light, Marcos and Los Angeles share an unspoken pact, each shaping the other, their stories interwoven in the very fabric of the day.

#castironla #AI #aiart #aiartist #bw #bandw #portraitphotography #losangeles #bwphotography #aiportraits #midjourney #storytelling #echopark