No Compromise Gaming: A New Game Face


We partnered with No Compromise Gaming, a rent-to-own company that delivers quality gaming systems, to undergo a rebranding effort. Our goal was to create a new identity that would resonate with gaming enthusiasts and promote their flexible payment options for gamers who may not qualify for financing elsewhere.

A person holding underwear in a prom pose, while his date looks on in horror


As No Compromise Gaming grew as a brand, they realized that they needed to revamp their marketing strategy to better penetrate the market and make sure that gamers who need their service know who they are. They wanted to create a new identity that would be strategic and offbeat, while getting the attention of gaming enthusiasts. The challenge was to create a campaign that would appeal to the target audience while highlighting the brand’s unique selling proposition of flexible payment options.

Cosplay-No Compromise Gaming Commercial


We began with a brand identity workshop to create a styleguide, and worked closely with No Compromise Gaming to create a new brand identity, logo, and strategy that added fun and emotion into their approach. 

Tattoo-No Compromise Gaming Commercial


The campaign features gamers who have made compromises in various areas of their lives, including bad tattoos, cheap phones, homemade cosplay outfits, and sad lunches. We created nine tv spots, e-mails, radio, web updates and social media content to promote the brand’s flexible payment options that allow gamers with low funds or bad credit to enjoy the gaming system of their dreams.


The No Compromise Gaming rebrand was a success. The nine spots created by Cast Iron LA have received positive feedback from the target audience and are set to run on Hulu, Twitch, YouTube, and Netflix in 2022 and 2023. The brand’s flexible payment options for gamers who may not qualify for financing elsewhere have been promoted effectively through the campaign, and the rebrand has helped No Compromise Gaming penetrate the market and reach new audiences. The brand’s commitment to gamers and their passion for gaming has been reinforced through the rebranding effort.

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