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Luis Ramirez and J Barbush

About Our Marketing Agency

Started  by agency vets Luis Ramirez and J Barbush, the mission of CILA is to simplify the relationship between brands and agencies by offering direct, efficient connections between the creatives and the client. 

We Think Like Underdogs

We have always been the efficient underdogs of the agency world. As AD/CW partners, we launched Honda on the Web in 1995 and social in 2006. Highlights include Gil The Crab as the first agency-run character on Myspace, Cannes Lions for Project Drive-in and Monster’s Calling Home, and One-Show, Clio, and J.D. Power for Honda Website.

We’re Efficient

Over the years, agencies have been asked to create more work for less money, and some struggle to find that efficiency based on outdated relationships and models. Most are too large or simply don’t know how to adapt to the new changes, so they absorb specialty boutiques which becomes more overhead and more removed from the work.

We Give You Our Best

Generally, medium-sized clients at large agencies don’t get the best talent on their business either, but we are out to change that by building a torrent of diverse and experienced freelance talent, to keep talent high and costs low.

We’re Specialists Who Don’t Specialize

As we grow, our goal is to find multi-disciplinary creatives who can work beyond their speciality, directly with the client. The phone game between those doing the work and those pitching the work is inefficient and outdated, so we are building teams who can do the work, manage the work and pitch it all to the client.

We Understand Business And Love To Collaborate

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