Hilti Firestop Branded Documentary


Hilti, a global leader in construction tools and technologies, aimed to raise awareness of its Firestop products. Our ad agency produced a captivating Hilti Firestop documentary that highlights the critical role of passive fire protection in construction. Discover how our approach positioned Hilti as a trusted authority in fire safety.

Hilti North America-Branded Documentary Firestop

Hilti Challenge:

Hilti needed an engaging marketing approach to promote Firestop products and emphasize the importance of passive fire protection systems.

Cast Iron LA Strategy:

Our ad agency collaborated with Hilti to produce a compelling documentary featuring industry experts, firefighters, and fire survivors. The brand film showcased the significance of Firestop products in preventing the spread of fire and smoke in buildings and positioned Hilti as a thought leader in the industry.

Documentary Execution:

Cast Iron LA wrote, produced and filmed the branded documentary and promoted it across various digital channels to maximize its reach and impact. The brand documentary showcased the significance of Firestop products in preventing the spread of fire and smoke in buildings, and emphasized Hilti’s dedication to improving safety standards in the construction industry.

Campaign Results:

Our documentary-driven marketing campaign successfully raised awareness of Hilti Firestop products and their crucial role in enhancing safety in the construction industry. The compelling content resonated with the target audience, generating significant engagement and positioning Hilti as a trusted authority in passive fire protection. By sharing powerful stories and real-life experiences, Hilti effectively demonstrated the value of its Firestop solutions and solidified its reputation as a leading innovator in the construction industry.

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