Website Redesign: Empowering East West Bank’s Growth


Cast Iron LA partnered with East West Bank, an international financial institution, on a year-long, multi-phase website redesign project that included multiple stakeholder and business units. We conducted a brand session and out of it found our focus by enhancing user experience, increasing lead capture efficiency, and promoting a culturally relevant brand image. By accommodating current customers and attracting a diverse set of clients, we aimed to create a unified, contemporary digital presence for East West Bank that was accessible and mobile-friendly.


East West Bank, a top 25 bank in the United States, saw an opportunity to further optimize their website to better serve their clients and showcase their commitment to diverse communities. The bank wanted to clarify its brand attributes, maintain cultural sensitivity, and expand its reach beyond the regional level. The project also aimed to optimize the site for SEO, incorporate ADA-compliant designs, and merge the banking site with their other sites to create a cohesive digital experience for a 400-page site, with four breakpoints and multiple languages.


We used our experience working on large-scale websites for clients such as Honda, ARCO, ampm and Pentax cameras to strategize approach, and efficiencies. We focused on enhancing UX/UI, especially on mobile devices, and creating a more efficient lead capturing infrastructure. To capture leads effectively, we worked closely with East West Bank’s marketing and lead capture specialists, taking a customer-centric approach to developing content and refining user journeys. Since there were so many pages, in multiple languages, we developed a templated approach, using Figma, to help with timing and efficiency. 


We oversaw integrated project management with an internal web development team, implementing a new adobe experience manager on the platform. The redesigned website showcased a contemporary look and feel, with consistent branding and imagery that reflected East West Bank’s commitment to serving a diverse clientele. We prioritized clear and consistent language, easy-to-scan content, and a modular design system that was both flexible and future-proof. We also ensured the new site was SEO-friendly, ADA-compliant, and mobile-optimized. To reinforce the brand’s cultural relevance, we incorporated culturally significant colors, symbols, and language throughout the site. Because the site was so large, we scaled up quickly and brought people in as necessary. This ensured no one was sitting around, and hours were used efficiently. 


The redesigned East West Bank website resulted in a seamless user experience, increased lead capture, and an improved brand image that resonated with both current and potential clients. By prioritizing mobile optimization, accessibility, and culturally relevant design elements, we successfully elevated East West Bank’s digital presence and positioned them as a contemporary and trusted financial institution. The new site design also facilitated better engagement and conversion, ultimately contributing to the bank’s growth and continued success.

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