Valera Green Screens: We’ve Got Your Background


Cast Iron LA partnered with Valera Screens, a green screen company specializing in creating professional backgrounds for video calls. Amid the 2020 remote work boom, we collaborated on a fun, engaging, and timely campaign with the tagline “We’ve Got Your Background.”


With the rapid shift to remote work, professionals struggled to maintain a polished appearance during video calls. Valera Screens needed a marketing campaign that showcased their green screens as an affordable and effective solution for creating professional video call backgrounds, even under imperfect conditions.


Our team focused on developing a multi-channel campaign that included video ads, a LinkedIn campaign, an email campaign, and web work – all created on a budget. The campaign aimed to resonate with remote workers by featuring funny and relatable scenarios and emphasizing the importance of a using a green screen to hide your background to create a professional appearance during video calls.


We crafted a series of video ads showcasing various situations, such as party remnants in the background, a man with a messy living room, and a woman whose dad was painting in his underwear. The LinkedIn campaign targeted professionals adapting to remote work, while the email campaign highlighted the benefits of Valera Screens and offered special green screen promotions. In addition, we enhanced Valera Screens’ web presence to provide a seamless user experience and showcase the product’s features and benefits.


The campaign drove significant increases in brand awareness, website traffic, and product sales. Valera Screens saw a substantial boost in social media engagement and email open rates, indicating that the campaign successfully captured the attention of professionals navigating the remote work landscape. The creative and relatable scenarios featured in the ads contributed to the campaign’s success, as they effectively demonstrated the value of Valera Screens for remote workers seeking professional video call backgrounds on a budget.

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