ThinOptics Sunglasses Launch


ThinOptics is a leading brand in the reading glasses market, known for their innovative and convenient designs. When they were preparing for the global launch of ThinOptics Suns, they turned to Cast Iron LA to develop a campaign that would highlight the product’s unique features and benefits.


The sunglass market is crowded, and ThinOptics needed to differentiate themselves from other brands and stand out in the market. They also wanted to showcase the convenience and portability of their sunglasses, which can be stored in a slim case that fits easily in a pocket or purse.


No one knows where to put their sunglasses when the sun goes down, or they go inside. So we showed the convenience of ThinOptic Suns, which are as thin as two credit cards.  Cast Iron LA developed a campaign that showcased the product’s key benefits: style, convenience, and thinness. 


The campaign included a video and photoshoot to help create a series of video ads that showcased the product’s stylish design and convenience. We also produced social media content and display ads that targeted individuals interested in sunglasses. The campaign emphasized the product’s thin, stylish design and convenience, and showcased how ThinOptics Sun can be stored easily in a slim case that fits in a pocket or purse.


The ThinOptics Sun campaign has been a success, with positive feedback from the target audience and increased sales for the product. The campaign successfully differentiated ThinOptics from other brands in the crowded sunglasses market, and highlighted the product’s unique features and benefits. 

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