ThinOptics Connect: A Digital Marketing Campaign for Ultra-Portable Reading Glasses


ThinOptics, a company specializing in innovative and ultra-portable reading glasses, sought to launch their new product, ThinOptics Connect, a line of thin readers that conveniently attach to the user’s phone. To effectively promote this unique product, Cast Iron LA was tasked with developing a digital marketing campaign, including video, ads, email, packaging, and web design.


The challenge was to create a compelling and cohesive campaign that would not only raise awareness of the ThinOptics Connect but also convey its value proposition and convenience to potential customers. The Cast Iron LA team needed to showcase the product’s unique selling points while ensuring a consistent brand identity across various digital marketing channels.


The strategy involved developing a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that leveraged the strengths of various platforms to reach the target audience. This included creating engaging video content, eye-catching ads, informative emails, attractive packaging, and a user-friendly web design that highlighted the benefits of ThinOptics Connect.


Cast Iron LA produced a series of videos showcasing the ease of use and convenience of ThinOptics Connect, demonstrating how the thin readers could be seamlessly attached to a user’s phone, making them easily accessible whenever needed. The captivating ads were designed for both online and offline placements, emphasizing the unique features of ThinOptics Connect and urging potential customers to try the product. The targeted email marketing campaign educated subscribers about the benefits of ThinOptics Connect and encouraged them to make a purchase, including product highlights, testimonials, and special offers to entice customers. Sleek and modern packaging was developed to showcase the product’s innovative design and functionality, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to quality and convenience on retail shelves. Lastly, a user-friendly and visually appealing website was created to serve as the hub for all ThinOptics Connect information and sales, featuring detailed product information, customer reviews, and an easy-to-navigate shopping experience.


The integrated digital marketing campaign successfully raised awareness of ThinOptics Connect and drove increased sales for the product. Cast Iron LA’s comprehensive approach across multiple channels resonated with the target audience, effectively conveying the unique value proposition of ThinOptics Connect and solidifying its position in the market.

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