Lockdown Diaries: A Visual Love Letter To LA


The COVID-19 pandemic led to widespread uncertainty and isolation in communities worldwide. Amidst the negative news and hardships, digital marketing agency Cast Iron LA sought to create a positive impact and remind the people of Los Angeles that they are not alone. Founders and former RPA executives J. Barbush and Luis Ramirez aimed to capture the city’s essence and evoke a sense of unity during these difficult times.


The project’s goal was to create a video that would serve as a love letter to Los Angeles, portraying the city as a living, breathing community that, although shut off, is not shut down. The team wanted to remind residents that their city’s soul was still present, moving about the places they love most. They sought to inspire people to band together and show their care for the city during the quarantine period.


The strategy involved utilizing the talents and resources of friends and family to produce a high-quality, emotional video with limited resources and under challenging circumstances. The team focused on writing a heartfelt script, capturing the city’s quiet yet resilient spirit through striking visuals, providing an impactful voiceover, and creating original music to enhance the emotional depth of the video.


Script and Direction: J. Barbush and Luis Ramirez, founders of Cast Iron LA, wrote and directed the video to ensure the message was heartfelt and authentic.

Cinematography: Award-winning video journalist and drone pilot Erik Olsen donated his striking footage of LA’s empty streets, which helped capture the city’s quiet yet resilient spirit.

Voice Actor: Renowned voice actor Jamie Hill provided the voiceover, further enhancing the emotional impact of the video.

Original Music: Alexander Barbush composed and performed the original music for the video, adding a unique and personal touch.


The video successfully conveyed a powerful and emotional love letter to Los Angeles, reminding the city’s residents that they are united in their love for the city, even during challenging times. The message of resilience resonated with people, inspiring them to stay safe at home while nurturing hope for a brighter future. The project showcased Cast Iron LA’s ability to create meaningful and engaging content that goes beyond marketing and contributes to the greater good, and was picked up by major industry news outlets.

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