Hilti Nuron Launch


Hilti Tools is a leading provider of cordless tools for the construction industry, known for their innovative and high-quality products. They recently launched a new all-on-one battery platform, Nuron, and turned to Cast Iron LA to develop a campaign that would introduce the new product to their target audience and highlight its unique features and benefits.


The construction industry is highly competitive, and Hilti Tools needed to differentiate themselves from other brands in the market. They also wanted to showcase the convenience and power of the Nuron platform, which can power multiple cordless tools with a single battery.


Cast Iron LA developed a campaign that emphasized the power and convenience of the Nuron platform. We produced a series of video ads, outdoor ads, spectacular billboards, event designs, digital ads, email campaigns, and Spotify ads that showcased the product’s unique features and benefits. The campaign targeted construction professionals who rely on cordless tools in their day-to-day work.


The Nuron campaign included a series of video ads that showcased the product’s all-on-one battery platform and its ability to power multiple cordless tools. We also produced outdoor ads and event designs that targeted construction sites and industry events, including World Of Concrete. Digital ads, email campaigns, and Spotify ads were used to reach decision-makers who may be interested in the product.


The Nuron campaign has been a success, with positive feedback from the target audience and increased sales for the product. The campaign successfully differentiated Hilti Tools from other brands in the competitive construction industry, and highlighted the unique features and benefits of the Nuron platform. The convenience and power of Nuron has been a key selling point, appealing to construction professionals who are looking for a reliable and efficient cordless tool solution.

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