Who We’re Not

We’re not social gurus. We’re not Digital Ninjas. We’re people. Curious people. Doer people. People who got frustrated sitting around crowded meetings watching half the room tap away at their phones, while the rest noodled an idea beyond recognition.

That’s not us.

Instead, we’re an Art Director and Copywriter team who have held major creative roles at LA’s largest agencies. Together, we have 50 years of digital and brand building experience for top clients like Honda, ampm, VH-1, Discovery Channel and more. We have won major awards along the way, written thought pieces in top publications, taught classes at art school, spoke on panels and always had our client’s best interest in mind.

Yet, we don’t consider ourselves experts. Or gurus. Because, let’s face it,  If you act like the smartest person in the room, chances are, you’re not.